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Jozi Angels is an angel investor network.

Investing in the Next Big Thing.

Our team at Jozi Angels all use official Jozi Angels email addresses. We will never contact you using a Gmail or private address. 

Johannesburg, South Africa

Who We Are?

Jozi Angels is an angel investor network based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We invest our personal funds in innovative, early stage companies, helping them grow through the assets we bring – knowledge, networks and capital.  We source, screen, assess, structure and invest in deals.

Through our broader network we have sourced the hottest startups and collectively invested in over 50 startups. Our members are approved investors serious about providing capital and aiding growth in early stage companies.

We operate in a sexy space. Investors get “hands-on” in exciting opportunities that may become the next big thing!

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We are aware that fraudsters are claiming to be investors at Jozi Angels. Please note that when contacting you, we will only use official company email addresses. Always be on the lookout for suspicious cues in the communication you receive.