AAA & UK-SA Tech Hub Case study on Jozi Angels - 2023


South Africa has the most established startup ecosystem and one of the largest communities of local investors on the continent. Jozi Angels is one of the angel networks building and maintaining that community. Founded by Abu Cassim, Jozi Angels has funded 52 startups since it formalised in 2017 and continues to invest in early-stage businesses driven by exceptional founders who are building game-changing solutions. In this case study, we learn about how Jozi Angels manages deal sourcing, how they stimulate investor risk appetite within the network, and one of their most memorable deals to date.

The full paper is available on the African Angel Academy website – click here.

Jozi Angels : Backing founders for a global future

A very special thanks to the African Angel Academy, a project of Viridian and ViKtoria Ventures, with support from the UK South Africa Tech Hub, who are responsible for producing the recent case study on Jozi Angels!

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