Jozi Angels

Jozi Angels is an angel investor network.

Investing in the Next Big Thing.

Our team at Jozi Angels all use official Jozi Angels email addresses. We will never contact you using a Gmail or private address. 

Johannesburg, South Africa

Network Investments

Investing in the next big thing.

We invest in strong teams that are tackling a big market opportunity in a novel way. 
Our investments are generally early stage, but typically post revenue.

We have a preference for solutions that benefit from economies of scale.
As a result, we tend to steer clear of capital intensive projects like real estate, vehicle finance and manufacturing.
Investments by our network of investors include the following companies:

LocumBase Early Stage Startup Investment
Locum Base

connects medical professionals and practices by simplifying the locum booking process.

Contro Early Stage Startup Investment Logo

is an online prescription and delivery service for sexual health and confidence products.

Jobox Early Stage Startup Investments Logo

Their ecosystem is built to connect employers, students and higher education institutions.

Startup Investment Legalfundi Logo

is a South African Lawtech startup focused on developing AI-driven legal process automation, including compliance and regulation solutions. 

Bookt logo Early Stage Investment

is a South African startup that created a new, recognised form of education by issuing verifiable certificates to individuals who read non-fiction.

NeuralSense Early Stage Startup Investments Logo
Neural Sense

quantifies consumer insights allowing corporates to customer experience and enhance advertising effectiveness.

Optimized Startup Investment Logo

is a human optimisation solution. Its an e-commerce solution that offers tools, information, nutrition and supplements, including nootropics, adaptogens and smart supplements.