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Jozi Angels is an angel investor network.

Investing in the Next Big Thing.

Our team at Jozi Angels all use official Jozi Angels email addresses. We will never contact you using a Gmail or private address. 

Johannesburg, South Africa

We are Jozi Angels

Investing in the next big thing.

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About Jozi Angels

Jozi Angels began operating as an informal network in 2016. Our founder had been operating in the startup space for years prior to that.

As momentum gathered and the network grew, we registered as a legal entity at the beginning of 2017.

We facilitate investments into startups that suit the investor’s professional background, while at the same time supporting South Africa’s emergent innovation economy.

Investments are equity linked, meaning it’s either for direct equity or an instrument that will convert into equity over time. We don’t extend credit through debt instruments nor do we provide mezzanine finance.

We target startups that have a strong differentiator and are scalable. Tech solutions tend to lend themselves to this, but we invest in non-tech businesses as well and are increasingly making international investments.

Aggregating resources and knowledge through a group, we are able to make larger investments and diversify risk. It also allows for more effective deal sourcing and screening. Apart from this, there are intangible benefits, such as camaraderie and goal sharing.