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Jozi Angels is an angel investor network.

Investing in the Next Big Thing.

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Johannesburg, South Africa

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Investing in the next big thing.

What attracts our attention

We invest in strong teams that are tackling a big market opportunity in a novel way.

Think Africa. Think global.

We steer clear of small market opportunities and capital intensive projects, like real estate, vehicle finance and manufacturing.


Ability to execute on the solution. Does the team have the passion, technical & business skills required.


Is the solution innovative or novel & have a strong value proposition.

Market Opportunity

Are you targeting a sizeable market & how will the solution be scaled to service it.

Market-Solution Fit

Does the problem exist & does the solution solve that problem.


Do you have an indication of product-market-fit, are there paying customers. Do you have a solution in the market.

Personal Fit

Is the solution a good fit for the angel and his or her personal background & investment objectives (RoI).
What founders can expect from us

Once we’ve received your application for funding, it will be analysed to see if your solution fits our criteria.

If your startup is shortlisted, it will be shared with our deal team who will then contact successful applicants for a meeting.

We’ll invest our personal funds in innovative, early stage companies, helping them grow through the assets we bring: knowledge, networks and capital.

Founders Form

Before you fill in the online application for funding form, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your team have the passion, technical- and business skills required?
  • Does the problem exist? Does your solution solve that problem?
  • Is the solution innovative or novel? In other words, do you have a strong value proposition?
  • Do you have an indication of product-market-fit? In other words, are there paying customers?
  • Are you targeting a sizeable market?
  • How will your solution be scaled to service the market?
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Company stage
How innovative is your business?
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Rate your team's knowledge, experience and professional networks in the field you are operating in.
1 = Getting started - 5 = Excellent
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Purpose of funding raise
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