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Angel Investment: Africa is different

Author: Abu Cassim 13 November 2020 What are your first thoughts when you hear about Africa? Culture-rich, potential, struggle, colonialism, game-drives, or perhaps hot weather? How easily would your mind connect terms like entrepreneurship, business growth, investment funds, or unicorns with our continent? Your mind is probably moving straight towards tech centres right now, like Silicon Valley. Africa, regardless of […]


What every angel should ask before investing (Part 2)

Author: Abu Cassim 26 October 2020 In this blog, we cover the following additional six categories of questions that every angel should ask before investing: progress in the business, marketing and customer acquisition, risks, intellectual property, financials, and financing rounds. These questions will go a long way to helping you understand how your money will be […]


What every angel should ask before investing (Part 1)

Author: Abu Cassim What every angel should ask before investing 26 October 2020 It’s easy to get bowled over by an innovative idea, or an entrepreneur that brings a flood of passion to the table. In many ways, angels are fighting a current to maintain their objectivity. Multiple meetings are suggested before taking the plunge and making […]


The angel investment process

Author: Abu Cassim 24 August 2020 There’s a common misconception amongst angel investors that the investment process is some quick and efficient undertaking. We’ve managed to close an investment deal in two weeks, but that was a complete outlier. Most investments take longer than you’d like, at least that’s if you do it right. On average, it’s […]


Stepping stones to angel investing

Author: Abu Cassim 31 July 2020 It has been said that the most remarkable quality of a leader is their ability to lift others as they rise. There could not be a more appropriate quote to describe the relationship between a mentor and mentee in the world of entrepreneurship. It may surprise some readers to […]


Avoiding cognitive biases when investing in startups

Author: Abu Cassim 13 July 2020 You walk into your first pitch night. The room is alive and buzzing with people anticipating seeing solutions that will shape the future. After chatting with a few participants, you sit down with a cup of coffee to hear the first pitch. The energetic founders start engaging your interest […]


Angel Investing: Knowing port from starboard

Author: Abu Cassim 5 October 2018 “You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water” – Rabindranath Tagore. You have to get wet at some point. So start by dipping your feet in to test the water. An angel investor’s first deal can be a pretty foreign experience. Many elements are […]


Angel investing: Thorns amongst the roses

Author: Abu Cassim 21 September 2018 “Trust me, the projections are conservative. We are going to make millions together.” I’m almost certain this is a line they teach in startup school. The projections are always conservative even when they look like a hockey stick. True unicorns (mythical creatures) are the ones that hit their growth projections. […]


The upside of angel investing

Author: Abu Cassim 15 June 2018 If you’ve researched angel investing prior to reading this, you will know that it’s not for everyone. It carries significant risk and it’s not a parking bay for your children’s education fund. On the other side of that coin, young companies offer an attractive return on investment when chosen […]

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