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Keshni - Startup Grind - 2 Nov 2023
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Keshni Morar at Startup Grind, 2 Nov 2023

Thanks to everyone who attended Startup Grind for a fireside chat with Keshni Morar of Jozi Angels, an investor and exceptional startup funding strategist. The evening’s line-up included Clive Butkow, the CEO of Kalon Venture Partners, whose company has invested in over 12 successful companies. Harry Lee, co-founder & CTO of Melio AI also delivered […]

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Jozi Angels Term Sheets

In some of our previous articles, we’ve discussed what angel investors should ask before investing. Once an ideal investment opportunity has been identified and it’s been decided to move ahead, a term sheet will be drawn up that lays out the basic terms and conditions for investment.


Startups: First impressions

Author: Abu Cassim 9 September 2020 Doing a thorough assessment of a business is always a challenging task, more so under current conditions where first engagements are often hosted virtually on Zoom. To fund or not to fund? There are many factors to consider before saying the three-letter magic word, Yes. First impressions go a long way […]


What to look for in a startup

Author: Abu Cassim 20 July 2020 Whether you are new to the angel investor field or are an experienced investor, there are various considerations to take into account when looking to invest in a startup. In this blog we explore factors that most angels look for in a startup. Each angel will apply certain preferences […]


Avoiding cognitive biases when investing in startups

Author: Abu Cassim 13 July 2020 You walk into your first pitch night. The room is alive and buzzing with people anticipating seeing solutions that will shape the future. After chatting with a few participants, you sit down with a cup of coffee to hear the first pitch. The energetic founders start engaging your interest […]


Angel investing: Thorns amongst the roses

Author: Abu Cassim 21 September 2018 “Trust me, the projections are conservative. We are going to make millions together.” I’m almost certain this is a line they teach in startup school. The projections are always conservative even when they look like a hockey stick. True unicorns (mythical creatures) are the ones that hit their growth projections. […]


What angel investors look for in a startup

Author: Abu Cassim 31 May 2016 Investing in startups can be tricky and can seem daunting, particularly if you’re new to it. Can you make money? Absolutely! Can you lose all your money? Yes. Investing in startups is a risky strategy and you should be aware of the risk from the outset. This blog, along […]