Leaderex 2023 - Jozi Angels pitch event

Thanks to everyone who attended the Jozi Angels pitch event at LEADEREX, Sandton Convention Centre, proudly sponsored by the African Angel Academy and UK-SA Tech Hub.

Our four esteemed judges, Michael Threherne (Jozi Angels), Milisa Mabinza (UK-SA Tech Hub), John Anyetei (African Angel Academy) and Preshan Govinder (JSE Private Placements) had presenters on their toes!

A very special thanks to the five innovative startups that delivered insightful presentations: Bookt, LocumBase, LIQID Medical, Avalon Health, and Tagora Technologies Inc. Here’s some more information on each startup.

Bookt is an EdTech startup reinventing the way companies cultivate a culture of learning. They’ve transformed non-fiction reading into a dynamic, personalised, and interactive journey that engages and empowers users. Think of Bookt as an amalgamation of the best features from Kindle, Duolingo, Udemy, and ChatGPT, refined into a singular, game-changing platform.

LocumBase is the independent open marketplace & customisable cloud based booking & management SaaS platform that provides real-time availability of verified locum medical professionals to private practices, pharmacies, hospitals & clinics. Fully customisable for internal optimisation of Human Resources, supporting the distribution of healthcare to when and where it is needed most.

LIQID Medical has developed a truly novel implant for the treatment of glaucoma, the leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide. The device has been demonstrated in Phase I clinical trials to be 50% more effective than the current gold standard. They have patents awarded in Europe and the United States, and are currently engaging with the FDA in preparation for global commercialisation.

Avalon Health provides an AI-powered Healthcare Assistant that simplifies healthcare access for patients and eases administrative burdens for doctors, while breaking down barriers to entry for digital tools in the medical field. They offer an all-in-one solution for patient-doctor interactions, appointments, prescriptions, and remote care through an intuitive platform.

Tagora Technologies Inc. build technology that secures buyer funds and supplier inventory. Their first product Tagora Fuel App referees fuel buyers and sellers. The middleman can no longer abuse or hold transactions ransom, because buyers and sellers transactions directly on their platform.

We wish all the these startups the very best on their journey to success!